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What to Do When Your Business Is Going Bankrupt

Studies show that about 1/5 of small businesses cannot make it for more than a year. This is not surprising knowing the extreme difficulties faced by new business owners in maintaining their ventures. Most often than not, small businesses face collapse amid the many financial issues they encounter. If you are one of the many small business owners facing

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The Next Steps for Your Failing Business

Nobody wants to think of their business dying, but if it’s already happening, there’s nothing to do but to face it head-on. Delaying the inevitable will only make things worse. As with setting up a business, closing or selling one involves a lot of paperwork and finances. It also often takes some consultation with accountants,

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growing investments

Start Early: Investments to Make Now to Prepare When You Get Old

Every person part of the workforce right now will inevitably retire. It’s the economy’s cycle of life, and no one can really do anything about it except to prepare for that end. Retirement can be scary for some folks, and many tend to put it off until the last second. This isn’t the case for

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Starting Early: Money Management And Lifestyle Expectations

We’re all familiar with plans; plans to go out and meet with friends, plans of ordering takeout, and even plans to travel the world someday. It’s a ubiquitous four-letter word, but depending on how well it’s used, it can significantly impact your life and put you in a good place. One of the most important

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Saving and Building Wealth in Your 40s: What to Consider

n40s is the turning point for most people. It’s the time of peak earnings as individuals are halfway between joining the workforce and conventional retirement age. How you handle your finances at this age and build your wealth can significantly impact your future assets. Here are six things to consider to save better and build

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Health Care

Understanding Preventive Health Care’s Economic and Social Impact

According to the World Health Organization, 80 percent of premature heart diseases and 40 percent of cancers could be prevented if the risk factors are eliminated. This is why the healthcare system needs to change. Preventing diseases rather than curing them is the way we need to approach health care. The good news is that

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Plan a Lean but Mean Budget to Keep Your Company Afloat

Times are tough. Businesses are doing what they could to keep afloat. Many have already closed shop and are waiting for a better opening in the economy in the future. If you have managed to get this far and are thinking of paring your expenses further, you could look at some of these budgets that you

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How to Spend Less on Maintaining a Car

Whether you’re a first-time car owner or a veteran when it comes to the world of cars, you know a thing or two about maintenance being a real weight on car owners’ wallets. There’s no decision for picking a car at a certain price that comes with everything convenient for the owner. Picking an expensive

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financial growth

Beginners Guide for Going from Zero to FIRE

Nobody wants to keep working until they die. Nowadays, more and more people want a life outside of their job. That could mean traveling the world or pursuing their dream careers. However, the reality is that there are bills to pay, but that doesn’t mean you can’t live a life you want. This is why

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