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Influencer Marketing: a Powerful Tool in the Age of Social Media

Social media influencers are the new celebrities of the digital age. These people aren’t scouted on streets or through talent recruitment — they’re selected to be the faces of products and services because they have managed to stand out from the crowd. And all that is only possible because they made themselves a brand. Influencer

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The Importance of Technology in the Digital Marketing Age

Technology in this day and age is omnipresent. It’s everywhere to the point that it’s unimaginable to live and earn a living without it. It has also enhanced how businesses do market segmentation and targeting to identify and find their markets. Before the rise of the Internet and the digital age, businesses heavily relied on

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How Entrepreneurs Can Make Their Online Businesses Successful

In today’s world, it is not enough to have a physical location. Successful entrepreneurs know that they need to start their own online business to stay relevant and competitive. The Internet has opened up countless opportunities for entrepreneurship. However, the challenge then leans on how to make an online business successful. Most of the time,

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Creative yet Low-Budget Ideas That Can Boost Brand Promotion

Performing effective marketing tactics help ensure that businesses can thrive and survive regardless of industry challenges. No wonder most company owners tend to focus on ensuring that their brand can create multiple promotional campaigns. Sadly, not all business owners can afford to spend a lot of money on different marketing tactics. Some of them even

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The Shift From Manual to Digital during the Pandemic

The pandemic has presented unique challenges to both business and personal life. There are companies that have succumbed to the situation and closed down, while others managed to make the best of what happened. These are the companies that have managed to turn to non-traditional work arrangements, like flexible agreements and remote work. Since the

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Digital Marketing 101: Customer Retention in the Digital Age

Every year, hundreds of businesses open up to provide goods and services to the public. From the initial brainstorming of a business idea to finally opening their doors to the world, this process of getting a business to take off from the ground can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. This

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Marketing Unpopular Items during a Pandemic

Online shopping has boomed since the pandemic started. eCommerce is currently enjoying unprecedented popularity that has enticed a lot of companies, merchants, and suppliers to take their wares online, hoping to ride the wave and get a piece of the action. However, not all products that are seen in eCommerce platforms are popular and cool.

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Marketing Myths You Need to Stop Believing

Running a business involves a lot of facets that can overwhelm many newcomers to the business industry. From production to customer service, logistics to product design- there are often too many things that business owners begin to neglect other important aspects. One of the often neglected aspects of business is marketing. Coupled with myths and

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Cost-effective Logistic Strategies to Incorporate into Your Startup

Since last year, the e-commerce industry has been steadily rising in popularity. This isn’t a surprise when billions of users constantly use their phones to check on social media, entertain themselves, and buy products and services online. If you’re planning on setting up an e-commerce business model, it’s crucial to place a good amount of

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