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A Green Business for a Green Future

It is undeniable that more and more businesses are starting to follow the trend of going green. Many are making genuine efforts to save the earth, but many more are only in on it to make more profit. While there is nothing wrong with becoming a sustainable business to gain more customers, false sustainability becomes

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Be Wary of These Five Legal Issues Small Businesses Commonly Face

Running a small business is no easy feat. There are many considerations to make, from hiring the right employees to marketing your products or services to growing your business. But you must not neglect the legal aspect of your business at all. It’s important to keep your business’ liability and legal risk at a minimum. This starts

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If You’re An Entrepreneur, You Need to Know These 5 Money Myths

Are you experiencing financial troubles in your business lately? Well, you are not the only one. A lot of companies, particularly start-ups, find that handling their finances is trickier than they expected. Their budgets don’t work–if they have one at all–and there’s never enough money to keep operations going without some kind of compromise. If

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Why the Pandemic Is a Perfect Time to Start a Business

They say the pandemic is the worst time to start a business, but history tells otherwise. In fact, the most successful companies today started during one of the worst periods. For example, IBM, Disney, and General Motors started before the Great Depression, while the Dot-com bubble gave rise to Amazon, eBay, and Google. There’s also

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RFP vs. RFQ vs. RFI: What are Their Differences?

When a vendor meets with a prospect, they could be looking for your help in different ways. They may need an outside supplier to do some work for them, which is when they’ll issue a request for quotation (RFQ). Alternatively, they might want to hire the team as the new marketing agency. In that case,

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Shared Goals Won’t Guarantee A Partnership’s Long-term Success

One of the most accessible ways businesses can gain a comparative advantage against their competitors in any industry is through partnerships and agreements that consolidate the financial strongarm and available resources of both firms to meet consumer demand more efficiently. And amid the growing concern of the delta variant, which has already dampened consumer confidence

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Noble Health Warrior: How to Open a Non-Profit Medical Clinic

It seems deja vu. As hospitals all over America are starting to feel the pinch of the Delta variant, there’s a growing mad scramble for safety that reminds us of the past year. The latest state to be caught in such ever-increasing chaos is the state of Florida. Dr. David Wein, an ER physician at

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Earn Your Employees’ Trust and Loyalty with These Simple Tips

As an owner of a company or business, retaining your employees is a full-time job too. They will be burnt out, demotivated, and all but you have to ease their struggles. Do this or they’ll seek another opportunity. You don’t want to go through another employee screening. You have to ensure you’re taking good care

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4 Ways Business Can Stay Prepared and Survive Unforeseen Events

The pandemic and its economic effects were entirely unexpected. When businesses closed at the height of lockdowns, a lot of entrepreneurs were taken aback. Businesses, big or small, experienced massive losses, which led to complete closure to some. The pandemic has caused unforeseen circumstances. Because of this, businesses were unable to prepare themselves. This remains a

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Challenges and Advantages of Running a Funeral Homes Business

Many people have a difficult time deciding what to do with their loved ones when they pass, and this leads many families into debt. The funeral industry is known for being one of the most expensive industries in the United States. In fact, Forbes Magazine reports that the average cost of a traditional burial plot

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